What is Just Cannabis?

Just Cannabis, a lifestyle brand dedicated to the culture of cannabis through events, products, and education has a goal to change the way cannabis is experienced through wellness, art, travel, music, fashion, and food. 

Founded by Riqua Hailes in 2019. Hailes, an entrepreneur from Washington, DC has two decades of experience as an entrepreneur and was recently featured in the UK's top newspaper, The Telegraph, Dr. Oz and Refinery29, with past features in Vogue Magazine, LA Times, Essence Magazine to name a few.

We are launching Just Cannabis e-commerce site with our signature product: Ease the Pain, a soothing salve deigned to eliminate pain within minutes. From neuropathy to arthritis, our 1000mg of CBD allows for immediate relief, with a perfect blend of  lavender and pachouli to elevate your senses and get you back to your day,  our healing salve is the perfect choice for easing the pain.


Beyond products, just cannabis will be bring newbies and vets the ultimate wellness and event experiences, changing the way cannabis THC and CBD products are experienced. Our goal is to fill a void in the cannabis event space by immersing consumers in the bespoke environment built around the five senses—scientifically known to heighten through cannabis. These five interactive experiences will be centered around the following senses:

Sight. Touch. Smell. Hear. Taste.



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