About us

Just Cannabis is a lifestyle brand dedicated to the culture of cannabis through events, products, and education. Our goal to change the way cannabis is experienced through wellness, art, travel, music, fashion, and food.

“We are dedicated to changing the way cannabis is experienced.”

Morphing the Mindset of Marijuana

In recent years, the image of a marijuana user has morphed from the absent-minded stoner to the picture of someone in tune with homeopathic options for managing their lives. The cannabis industry has become a vehicle for medical research, focusing on mental health treatment, pain management and recreational use. Legal cannabis is now a fast-growing global industry, available in various products to a wide range of consumers for various uses. With the emergence of new products and brands, it’s difficult to know which to trust. Considering the current opioid crisis in the United States, legalized medical marijuana is becoming a viable, less addictive alternative in the treatment of pain. In one medical marijuana study, 80% of users noted cannabis helped reduce pain, and 50% of those had previously been treated with opioids. There’s a decrease in opioid prescriptions in states where marijuana is legalized, lessening the crippling effects of the epidemic nationwide. Today, some of the most well-known cannabinoids, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC and cannabidiol CBD) are being acknowledged by the medical world for their medicinal properties. CBD, in particular, has drawn the attention of several researchers, focusing on its impact on epilepsy, neuropsychiatric disorders, cancer, anxiety, and other conditions. With the option available to patients seeking relief, Just Cannabis is actively developing quality products containing THC and CBD.

Meet Riqua Hailes. Our CEO & Founder

Riqua Hailes Cannabis Female Entrepreneur Los Angeles, California, black owned business

Riqua Hailes, an entrepreneur from Washington, DC has two decades of experience on both the east and west coasts. Riqua recently expanded her business acumen to include investing in the emerging industry of cannabis products. Hailes has also executive produced and starred in the global documentary, Just Extensions, found on Amazon. Hailes was recently featured on Dr. Oz and Refinery29, with past features in a wide range of publications, including Vogue Magazine, Los Angeles Times, and Essence Magazine. Riqua’s brand portfolio, Just Brand, known for diversity and affordable luxury, created the Just Cannabis’ mantra, centric on improving quality of life.

Did you know we are Licensed? 

It's true! -and not everyone can get one. Our Licence number is CEO14-0000043-LIC. We also have a Certificate of Analysis!